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About Our Company

Sunsfield Solutions Ltd

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

Welcome to Sunsfield solutions Ltd, a green energy, climate change and other solutions company, based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to harness the power of renewable energy, combat climate change and promote environmental stewardship, among other solutions.

We specialize in designing, installing and maintaining advanced solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients Our team of highly skilled professionals and advanced resources bring together their knowledge and experience to deliver tailored solutions that maximize energy efficiency and cost savings. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique energy requirements and develop customized solar installations that align with their goals.

We aim to provide homes and businesses right across Africa with renewable energy solutions and quality solar energy systems. We are proud to save our valued customers money in energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment. Our clients are happier and more power efficient.

We have undertaken various projects including NGOS, private and public institutions, individuals as well as Government of Kenya. At sunsfield, we are your trusted provider of comprehensive and versatile solutions for all your needs, with a commitment to delivering excellence and innovation, we pride ourselves on being one-stop destination for individuals, businesses and organizations seeking reliable and effective solutions across various domains. We understand that every challenge requires a tailored approach and thatโ€™s why offer a diverse range of general solutions to cater to a wide array of requirements. Whether you are an individual seeking personal assistance, a small business looking to streamline operations or a large corporation, we have the expertise and resources to meet your unique needs.

Our team of seasoned professionals comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges with precision and efficiency. We combine extensive industry knowledge with cutting- edge technologies and methodologies to deliver solutions that are practical, scalable and future proof.

We offer innovative solutions by leveraging cutting edge technologies and deep understanding of the challenges posed by climate change. With a strong emphasis on renewable energy, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power, we aim to revolutionize the energy sector by providing efficient and sustainable alternatives. By harnessing the power of sun, wind and water, we seek to reduce the carbon footprint associated with energy production, mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. Through the development of state-of-the-art technologies and implementation of large-scale renewable energy projects, the company strives to make a significant impact in the global energy landscape.

Our commitment to green energy, climate change and other solutions is a dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. Through the adoption of renewable energy resources, the development of innovative technologies and a holistic approach to environmental challenges, we aim to drive the transition towards greener and more sustainable future.

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